what to do in marrakech

5 Inspirations For What to Do in Marrakech Alone

what to do in marrakech

The solo trip gives you a different sensation. You have to prepare anything very well. It starts from the itinerary, hotel to stay, until things to do. A place where you can go for self-escapism in Marrakech. It is a city in Morocco, a Northern African country. In this article, you will find the best thing about what to do in Marrakech alone. Just so you know those are so exciting about your new experience.

Don’t be worry if you are a woman and planning to go to Marrakech alone. It is a safe place for you. Things below are okay to do without someone accompanies you. But still, there are several places where you should not be outside after dark. Unless you have no problem with the hassle or sexism. You should have great self-defense.

1. Get Relax at the Hammam

Note this place as your exit way from the city crowd. Calming yourself in Hammam is always the best thing about what to do in Marrakech for every traveler. A hammam is a kind of steam room bath in middle eastern style. It is different from the sauna. In the hammam, you will feel a different atmosphere and get therapeutic treatment. The combination of heat and heat relaxes you to sleep.

2. Enjoy the Sunset at Jeema el Fna

Close your day by sitting at the rooftop terrace in Jeema el Fna. If you are confused about which restaurant is good, we might recommend you visit Taj’in Darna. That is one of the famous places to sit. However, there are lots of other cafes and restaurants. Just sit and watch the sunset with a glass of drink.

3. Stay in A Riad

Morroco has many hotels, but if you want to feel like a local people just choose to stay in a riad. A riad is a traditional Moroccan house or place with unique interior design. It has a garden in the middle of the house. A riad is actually home residents. Thus, today many owners transform it into the guest house.

4. Explore the Souks of Marrakech

The souks are a traditional market placed in the center of Marrakech. Visiting this spot could be the best thing what to do in Marrakech because you will see lots of traditional crafts, pottery, food, herbs, and many more. There are big stalls and small kiosks. If you are not really sure walking around there alone, then you can pay local people to accompany. It is because this place is like a labyrinth. Moreover, you must have a special skill in bargaining. The vendors set high-price and expect you to haggle. Also, be aware of the imported items. There are products made in China.

5. Taste Morrocan Culinary

Mechoui, khobz, harissa, mint tea, and tajines are several local cuisines you must taste. You don’t have to order a full portion. There is a provider that offers you for food tour only. But it is still okay to find out by yourself too because the food price in Marrakech is inexpensive.

Since you do this trip alone, it is better for you to find a complete guide. Find out what should to avoid and allow during in Marrakech. The five best things what to do in Marrakech above are just pieces for your day. May you research more to explore the fascinating of Marrakech.