5 Effective Pitbull Puppy Training Tips To Discipline

5 Effective Pitbull Puppy Training Tips To Discipline


Pitbull is known as the aggressive dog among others. But, actually, this dog is sweet-hearted and very loyal. If you train them well, they can be your best buddy anywhere and anytime. It is easier to train then since a puppy. You can start with simple things. For example, where to sleep, use the toilet for a pee, and many others. Find the effective ways here as your pitbull puppy training tips to be discipline.

5 Effective Pitbull Puppy Training Tips To Discipline

Before training your pitbull puppy, you have to know that this dog needs a good ambassador. Thus, you need to show yourself as their good role model. As soon as you train your dog, they will grow to become an intelligent one. Avoid to punish them, just give a positive affirmation to make the process works well. These are pitbull puppy training tips you might try:

1. Be a Leader

Start this step from the very first day. Introduce yourself as their leader. It is important to do. Because they need to know to whom they must obey. Make sure they understand what you mean. Speak with them using certain intonation if you ask them to do something. But, lower your voice when they fulfill your want. It is better to see the eyes to eyes.

2. Take Them Around

Your puppy doesn’t need only to know their owner. They need to understand the use of things around them. Thus, take them to walk around and introduce how to use things. Show them from simple things, such as their bed, their food bowl, and etc. Also, you should let them see each room and what it is for. Don’t let your dog grows with know anything around.

3. Have Time to Play

One of our pitbull puppy training tips is creating your quality time with them. Build a bonding so they will feel your love. It is also useful to teach them being loyal to you. By playing with them, you will know when they get destroying something too. Be strict if they start to be a breaker, stop and show them good behave.

4. Positive Reinforcement

As we mentioned above that giving a positive affirmation could make everything is better. When you start the process, try to focus to teach them first. It is all not about the result. Make a good attitude is way more important, then just having a “robotic-dog”. Keep rewarding them even though they do a little wrong from your orders. Believe yourself that they are still in the process to be perfectly disciplined.

5. Stop Biting

The reason why the pitbull looks bad is that they like to bite. It is not totally wrong because biting is a dog’s nature. But, you can reduce this habit since they are a puppy. If you don’t train it well, it would be your serious problem when they grow up. Let them know when is wrong to bite, also what is allowed to bite.

During the process is running, you will know when your dog needs something. Furthermore, you can read their body language before doing something. Thus, it is necessary to know pitbull puppy training tips and apply them.