Health Benefits Of Quercetin

Various Health Benefits Of Quercetin That You Should Know


Quercetin is a plant flavonol that is normally available in vitamins and supplements. This natural pigment is available in our daily food. Some of the foods are fruit and whole grains. Grapes and onions are some examples of foods that contain quercetin. Therefore, there are many health benefits of quercetin that can people can get.

Health Benefits Of Quercetin

Quercetin contains many properties for the body. And there are many health benefits of Quercetin for the human body if you consume it right. However, most research has been done on animals. Therefore, more research is needed to prove the results. Here are some of the benefits of research:

1. Fight Free Radicals in the Body

Quercetin contains antioxidants that can protect the human body from free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that can attack the body and cause disease. It can also quicken aging for most people. So, it is quite frightening to have these effects. Some factors that cause free radicals are pollution, smokes from people smoking and greenhouses gas. People may not be able to prevent or control pollution. However, you can control what comes inside your body. Therefore, consume Quercetin in supplements or foods to prevent free radicals. The antioxidant in Quercetin is more powerful than vitamin C or other vitamins. 

2. Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation can be a good and bad response to the body. At one point, it can help the body heal from stress and injuries. On the other hand, chronic inflammation can be dangerous for the body as it can damage your body. Quercetin contains something that can help reduce chronic inflammation. However, this is not 100 %, but it can still control your body’s inflammation.

3. Reduce and Prevent Cancer Risk

Quercetin is contained many positive properties that can help the body. One of the health benefits of quercetin is preventing cancer. However, it is not able to cure it. Quercetin can only help prevent the spread of the cells and tumor growth. Therefore, cancer diets usually apply a quercetin diet in their daily life. People can consume fruits and vegetables or other foods to help their diet. 

4. Ease Allergy Symptoms

Research has found that it can also block enzymes that can cause inflammation. Thus, a certain compound is unknown until today. During the research, it was found the component can suppress peanut butter allergy. More research is done to prove this statement.

5. Increase Endurance

Athletes consume quercetin supplements to help increase their endurance. It is believed to increase their performance and stamina during their activity. However, there are still doses that they must follow. Because consuming too much is not good either for their body.  

Overall there are many health benefits of quercetin that people can get. However, consuming something too much is never right. Therefore, make sure to consume it is based on the doses. A safer way to consume quercetin is by consuming healthy foods. Doing a quercetin diet is also a great option for people. Consuming these foods every day is better than consuming supplements. This way you can eat healthily and consume quercetin at the same time.