Best Android Games For Toddler

5 Best Android Games For Toddler Of All Time


Toddlerhood is a golden age. In this period, the child’s brain will record and lean many things easily. If your toddler likes to play games, you should start directing your toddler to play educational games. For example, try to install one of the best Android games for toddler.

Best Android Games For Toddler

The best Android games for toddler will make your toddler get to know many things easier. It is because the games to be designed as attractive as possible to make toddlers interested. The following are 5 lists of the best Android games for your toddler you can install on your gadget:

1. Balloon Pops

The colors of the balloons will attract your toddler’s attention. Moreover, your toddler will see a lot of balloons flying in the blue sky. Try to get your toddler to tap one by one of the balloons. The tapping will make the balloon pop. You will teach about colors and shape through this game. That is why this game is so interesting to play with your toddler. This game is perfect for 2 – 5 years old. In addition, you can install this game for free.

2. Hide and Go Seek

Your toddler can play hide and seek through your gadget. Try to install this game to add to your toddle’s experience playing hide and seek. Your toddler will seek for something hidden. Moreover, your toddler will find something surprising and interesting at the same time. This game is so colorful and you will find every element are touchable. It is simple gameplay for 2 until 5-year-old kids.

3. Cut The Rope

Om Nom is the character in this game. You will find Om Nom is always hungry and always want to eat lollipops. Your toddler will help Om Nom to get the lollipops. This game is quite challenging so make sure you always accompany your toddler playing this game. Through this game, your toddler will learn about how to solve a problem. Moreover, this game will also build your toddler’s critical thinking.

4. Shapes & Colors

Your toddler will be very happy to learn something through interactions. So, install this game is the best decision for you. Your toddler will learn about shapes and colors through this game. There are a lot of adorable animations and toddler songs. Interesting songs and animations will make your toddler enjoy learning about colors and shapes. This game will make it easier for you to recognize colors and shapes.

5. ABC for Kids

Usually, 2 to 5 years old is the right age to recognize letters. However, do not force your toddler to recognize letters in a hurry. Try to teach it slowly in a fun way. You can introduce letters to your toddler through this game. Moreover, this game will teach your toddler to recognize letters in an exciting way. The letters are colorful with funny animations. Your toddler will definitely like this type of game.

You can still make your toddler learn something new even from gadgets. Moreover, you can install one of the best Android games for toddler. Try the game that perfect for your toddler’s abilities. Do not force your toddler when they do not want to be learning while playing.